What happens when Joey Carrera Meets Affliction?

I have an aquaintance, so to speak. He’s the roomate of a close friend of mine, whom I’ve worked with and known for some years. We’ll call him, “E.M.” E.M, is definitely one of those guys you’d see at the bar, with that tough guy look on his face. Though, I can vouche and say he is a nice guy, E.M. is what happens when Joey Carrera meets the Affliction Fag.

Note the signature pucked lips..


Again, puckered lips…



E.M. takes vanity to a whole new level. I’ve never met an individual who goes to the gym and decides to take a self induced, i-phone photoshoot while in mid lifting pump…


Quote from his pic on his myspace profile…

“10-22-08 at the gym little pump goin – got my headphones,iphone, ready to kill it” – E.M.

His obsession with the gym has led him to take his sessions into a that of a full-time job. He goes to class two times a week and proceeds to eat all of my buddies food. Needless to say, I hear nothing but rants from my friend….

So what happens if Joey Carrera and an Affliction fag AND E.M were to join forces?….


I couldn’t resist posting this pricess gem. Thanks E.M, please for God’s sake, please stop fucking your dog.



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