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Official Fail Cars.

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Cars are something that many of my friends and I share a deep rooted love for. What we do not share a deep rooted love for, is idiots. Idiots with cars are even worse. Even worse than that; Idiots who like to mod out their cars inappropriately.  What exactly is an appopriately modded vehicle? Being that my answer on this could cause a major uproar and dumbass/useless debate, I’ll put it frankly. Cars that were once very nice vehicles when they were in factory, then turned into bastardized excuses for cool when money was invested into them purely for some sort of retarted aesthetic ‘wow’ factor.

I’m introducing a new form of factor. It’s called the ‘FAIL’ factor. Fail factor happens when, you guessed it, dipshits mods their rides. Here are some prime examples of ‘FAIL’ factor.



A good example of a car dealership’s fail in this recession we’re in.

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Totally makes me want to buy. If you don’t get it, you’re dumb.

Dumbass things to do in a photo

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So I was looking at a someone’s profile linked to me today, and I couldn’t help but notice the idiotic amount of ‘peace’ signs people throw up when taking self-photos. What the hell is the deal with this? It’s a very “Joey Carrera” thing to do. I’ve come to realize, that I absolutely despise anyone who decides to do this in their pics. I mean, every single person. If Barack Obama did it, I’d hate him too. If my mother did it, I’d hate her too. Father, sister, friends – it doesn’t matter.

“Hey, look at me. I couldn’t just settle for a normal photo, I have to do something youthful and show I express some form of attitude.” I hate all of you who do this.

Best license plate thus far…

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Thanks New Hampshire resident.

“Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”

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Want to smell like meat?

That’s right folks, Burger King is making a meat-scented cologne. Don’t believe me?

True Haters – Teenagers Vandalize 70% Of Audi Dealership’s Inventory

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An Audi dealership in California has been hit by a massive case of vandalism, with 98 of their new and used inventory being heavily damaged by a group of key-wielding teenagers.

The vandalism was carried out at Diablo Audi of Concord, California on Friday night by a group of teenagers who were later apprehended by a security guard at a neighboring BMW dealer. Every panel of each damaged vehicle was keyed; necessitating total resprays on many of the vehicles. Total damage is estimated at anywhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000.

“I first noticed (a scratch) on one of our high-performance vehicles,” said sales manager Chris Schniegenberg. “Then I turned around and saw it on another. I got sick to my stomach. I called the police and somebody else shouted, ‘Hey, there’s another one.'”

Damaged cars included RS4s, S8s, TTs, A4s, A6s, A8s, and Q7s as well as used Mercurys.

Information on the teenage perpetrators has not yet been released; Diablo Audi’s insurance will be covering the damage.

Article found on Jalopnik.

America’s Big Three.

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