Official Fail Cars.

Cars are something that many of my friends and I share a deep rooted love for. What we do not share a deep rooted love for, is idiots. Idiots with cars are even worse. Even worse than that; Idiots who like to mod out their cars inappropriately.  What exactly is an appopriately modded vehicle? Being that my answer on this could cause a major uproar and dumbass/useless debate, I’ll put it frankly. Cars that were once very nice vehicles when they were in factory, then turned into bastardized excuses for cool when money was invested into them purely for some sort of retarted aesthetic ‘wow’ factor.

I’m introducing a new form of factor. It’s called the ‘FAIL’ factor. Fail factor happens when, you guessed it, dipshits mods their rides. Here are some prime examples of ‘FAIL’ factor.



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