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The 1st of an ongoing hate review. My analysis of the current state of rap/hip-hop

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This pretty much ought to sum up what I hear nowadays.



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Well, here you go.I have some friends abroad who ask me questions about my country and the decisions some of my fellow countryman make. Please watch the video below.

Just how fucking ignorant are many Americans?

Give me a goddamn break.

If I could make action figures….

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The Russians are never up to any good…

I’d totally make an action figure of Gazprom CEO Alexi Miller and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Here’s what my rendition would look like, first the real photo.


now, my action figure made version


“Gazprom tells you; What is thy bidding my master?” (if you never played Everquest, you’ll never get this)

WAYYY To much nerd humor in this one.

You know how I know you’re gay….

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Because you’re an Arizona Cardinals fan.

The NFL definitely has a lot of questionable positions in the sport, but none are more questionable then the position taken by anyone who declares themself an Arizona Cardinals fan.

Oh snap! My 28’s!!!

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This video is what happens when dumb people, with dumb cars go bad.  28 inch rims are NOT cool.


Thanks to: Jalopnik.

2008. Good F%$!)N Riddance, and I mean that…

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Two thousand and eight. What more can I say? It’s been a tumultuous year to say the least, for many people abroad and myself as well. We have a new president-elect, a fucked economy, a further-booming world population and so many, I honestly think something good MAY actually come out of all of this. What? I haven’t the faintest clue. I’m probably wrong. It’ll end in flames like ’08.

Seriously, f$#k 2008.

I’m sitting here in my chair and I’ve been mentally flipping through my ‘rolodex of memories’ of this past year. Like many people, I’ve personally been through alot. I’ll sum everything up to this. To my real friends in California, you’re sorely missed. Maybe come drop a guy a visit sometime, no? To ‘Fagolas’ and ‘Emodrama’ I’m throwing out a big f$#k you.

Unfortunately, I’ve yet to reveal to you who exactly ‘Fagolas’ and ‘Emodrama’ are. One day when my hate-o-meter is at it’s peak, I may actually go ahead and kick you down with the knowledge of who these people actually are. One word here, bad blood. It’s messy. I’m also going to take the liberty of throwing out one more bomb to ‘Pedo-Rich’. Again, bad blood. It’s messy.

Big ups to my true friends and people who’ve put up with my wise-cracks and antics.  The list is as follows;

KF/aka Brock Samson/aka Techno Viking/aka ‘No time like gym time’/aka ‘If you’re not burning, you’re not yearning’

Brian/aka Steve Blackman/aka Too much kungfu/aka Sidekick to the face

Chico/aka Grime time/aka Nasty Sack of $hit/aka Fcuk my life/aka EM’s bitch

Brian, Steve, Alex “Nachas”, Angel and Miguel/aka the Tokyo Crew

Mitch/aka ‘Dirtbag with a laptop and a mission’

Amber in Australia – Thanks for the AIM sanity during work hours. Good times. See you in Sept.

Hate on haters, 2009’s coming. Activate your hate.