automake after the hearts of haters globally.

For those of you who already know me personally, you all know, or should know that I am an automotive maniac. I love everything and all things that involve a car. Especially those that involve those quirky folks – The Germans.

Although you may find me trolling around blogs/websites pertaining to Japanese makes, no other country shifts my gears, or has my heart like that of Bavaria. With that being said, I present to you the latest rumor I’ve found, courtesy of Autoblog

s far as classic Audi models go, nothing is as iconic as the legendary “Ur-Quattro”. The 1985 Audi Quattro was a beast of a car in its day, even if it only had 160 horsepower. When the new Audi S5 hit the roads, the Ingolstadt fanatics over at Fourtitude stacked the two of them up against each other, but if the latest products of the ever-churning rumormill are to be believed, Audi may be cooking one up a successor of their own.

A report from German car magazine Autobild suggests that the lightweight sport-coupe could carry the “A5 quattro sport” designation and pack a 425-horsepower V6, placing it in between the current S5 and the upcoming RS5. Sounds enticing, if a bit far-fetched. But if Audi wants to build another monster coupe, who are we to complain? Sources peg the revival to take to the streets by 2012.


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