America. Despite my rants, it IS in fact superior. Part 2 – Mitch Bone and ‘Moogins’

Continuing from my previous entry, we have a few things to talk about. First off, I’ll take you to 5/21/09. It’s approximately 5:30 or so am France time, and The French Connection and I are basically trying to figure out what the hell to do while sobering up again. Mitch arrives in three hours at this point. We end up jetting around the A8 freeway and ending up back in Nice along the Promenade de Anglais. We stop at an Esso gas station, pick up some shitty sandwiches (still on The Connection’s tab) throw down two Red Bulls and decide it’s time to just hang out on the beach.  One thing I can really say, is watching the sunrise over the Mediterranean is something I’ll never forget. Breathtaking.

Time flys and it was now time to head back to Cote D’Azur airport. Enter Mitch Mckee of VE Engineering…

World renowned ECU tuner, Mechanical Engineer, A good friend and certified dirt bag. He flew in through some other terminal then where I came in through. He flew Delta, apparently 50 cent flys Delta since he was on Mitch’s flight. Wouldn’t that guy have his own private jet by now? Wack. I can say I was relieved to see Mitch, now I wasn’t the only American for miles.

Off we went like a torrent through The Riviera’s freeways. For the record; The French Connection drives like a goddamn maniac. We sped at a constant 230 kph (that’s 140 mph for those not in the loop) This kid swerves and veers through lanes like a drunk college co-ed on a rowdy weekend. In France, it’s illeagal to pass on the right, yet he still does this and has the audacity to honk or flash his brights on people who passes on the right. I lost count how many times Mitch uttered “We’re gonna die!”

(Some very quick background information; The French Connection has a friend, whom we’ll call slutface. Slutface was in need of money that month for her rent. Being that he had two Americans coming his way, and didn’t want to expose his family to our filt.  So he decided to go ahead and bargain with his broke friend. The French Connection went ahead and payed for half of her rent, or something to that effect in exchange for her to leave her apartment for two weeks while Mitch and invade)

So we decided it was time to get all of our stuff situated, and prep for the days ahead. Off we went to a little area called Mougins (aka Moogins, as we’d mockingly call it) where our apartment was.  Moogins is a  quaint little area, roughly 15 mins or so from Cannes and about 20 or so from Antibes. What quickly surprised me, was how the French often had resitential properties stacked ontop of commercial properties. Our little area had small little resturaunts, shops, Pharmacies and even a police station under a ton of apartments.

We arrived at the scene. Climbing two flights of stairs and arriving at the apartment. This wasn’t my first time here, as I had been there to drop my stuff off my first night prior to heading off to Cannes. For Mitch, this was an eye opener. The reason why I say eye opener, is because this is when he realized that him and I could never trade off on the fouton. His 6 ft. plus ass would never even fit on it as one of us still had to sleep on the floor. Super. This place was BEYOND Tiny.  You couldn’t even call this place a studio, 200sq. Ft. MAX combining the kitchenette, living room and a bathroom. Oh but it had a balcony!


The surrounding area was very quiet sometimes, too quiet in fact.  Then, once you’d get used to it some stupid scooter would come buzzing away and disturb everything. Oh, and for the record I HATE SCOOTERS. Here’s some more visuals of our surrounding area. This first pic is from the balcony, facing the left.


This is facing the opposite direction…*note the playground* Mitch was stoked to know he could he keep an eye on the kids…even in France 🙂


An arial view of our Pigeon coupe.


Once fully showered and situated, we layed low and bar hopped the next couple of nights. We frequented Le Sun7 Cafe quite a bit and would bounce back to the apartment. Fast forward to Saturday or Sunday, as we got prepped for one of the sickest places my eyes would ever lay eyes on – Monaco.

…Stay tuned. Part 3 is on its way.


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