America. Despite my rants, it IS in fact superior. Part 4 – St. Tropez

St. Tropez is a place where ballers come to play. It doesn’t have the immediate showing of status symbols like Monaco, but once you drive into the riviera’s country side, you see exactly why they come. Filled with quaint little towns, endless vineyards, chateus …there’s only really two things to do here. Kick it at the beach, or get blitzed out of your skull on France’s epic wine.

I will say, the French do wine so perfectly. Almost too perfectly in fact…where 1,2,3,4 glasses is like nothing. Then you walk away after purchasing a bottle and wonder to yourself, “am I really hammered?!” We started our day and hung out on the beach for roughly two hours or so. Mitch and I stuck out like sore thumbs yet again, due to the fact that the French Connection failed to mention were beach bound. Sure enough,  Mitch and I are stuck wearing black shirts and jeans AT THE BEACH. Awesome.

This is us blasting through the countryside. Terrible pic, but you can see Mitch here…


It’s here I realized just HOW rude these people are. Ever have that feeling people are talking about you? Yep, I got two hours of that shit. Lovely. So at this point we head off this badass place called “Le Chateu De Marr” or something to that effect. It was layed out like a giant house, behind it…and endless vineyard.

Some countryside action. Blurry too..


Pictured here, you’ll see the front facing the parking lot.


The inside…



Sit down, kick back. Wine and Cheese anyone?


Tons o’ wine…


The day ended with us three heading up to one of Frenchie’s pretentious friend’s mini-baller home atop St.Tropez’s heavenly hills. Mitch and I basically showed our asses here as they brought out copious amounts of alcohol. Whisky anyone? What are two uncomfortable ass Americans to do in these situations? Drink!

Just an idea of this guy’s view. If he doesn’t crush pussy with this. He loses at life.


This photo is French for ‘money shot’


That same view, at night.


I had to be getting hammered to agree to these photos. Which one am I?…The one on the far right was a super-douche. Far left, way  cool dude.


Mitch and I trying to get comfortable. Mitch definitely looks like he’s getting there.


Note the bottles of ‘Clan Campbell’…The French were quite amazed at the American tolerance for the amount of whiskey served.



I’ll leave you all with this as the end result.



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